Mulled Lemonade



Cool down these hot summer days will a little twist! It’s easy and tasty, two of my favorite things. Try some Mulled Lemonade and wow your friends with your creativity:
5 cups water
1 cup granulated sugar
1 cup fresh lemon juice
1 oz mulling spices

Bring 2 cups of water to a boil. Stir in the sugar and mulling spices. Cover and allow the simple syrup to steep for at least 20 minutes or longer.
Pour the syrup into a large pitcher. Then pour in the remaining 3 cups of water and lemon juice. Fill the pitcher with ice and stir.

Queenpin Family Wellness is Moving

Often people ask me how I became interested in acupuncture. My simple answer is, “Pediatrics.” As a teacher I watched parents struggle with how to treat their kids’ colds, fevers, attention issues, etc. I wondered if there was an in between between no treatment, and what parents many times felt was over-treatment.”


But the long answer is that I was raised on public service. Both my parents strongly believed that in order to be a part of a community you need to actively give back to the community. As a teacher, I saw the need in Roanoke for pediatric holistic wellness services, so I moved in that direction. Yet, here I am, nine years later, and as I work with more and more people, my vision has expanded. Children are not the only population in Roanoke who need a one stop shop for their individual wellness needs. We all do.


Many of my patients know that I have been looking for a new space for years. It has taken me so long because I wasn’t looking for an ordinary spot, I have been searching for a house that can be home to larger vision of community wellness. Whole community wellness, whole person care. That takes a big house, but also a landlord that is excited about the dream as I am, and a new partner that has the same vision as I do. Next time you see me, ask me how one phone call made it all click together, for now suffice it to say I’ve found the perfect spot.


The Haven on 5th will be a collaborative house providing individualized whole person care for the Roanoke Valley through experiential education, and integrative health services. For years, Maya Ittah of Terre Vie Wellness and I have been working separately in the Roanoke Valley to help educate people on the fact that wellness is not one size fits all. Every body is different, every person unique in their constitution. Maya and I are equally dedicated to making alternative therapies and education on self-care affordable for the whole community. We decided to combine our complementary modalities and similar visions into one place. We’re all tired of having to search far and wide for what is right for us. The Haven on 5th is going to have it all in one spot! And if we don’t have it, we’ll help you easily find it.

Opening in September, The Haven on 5th will house:

  • Queenpin’s current acupuncture clinic
  • A new community style acupuncture clinic with treatments ranging from $20 – $45
  • Queenpin Herb Shop
  • Garden Song Eco-Cafe
  • Terre Vie Massage
  • Terre Vie Nutritional Counseling
  • Community outreach programs on wellness
  • Classes that will include yoga, dance, and internal martial arts

We can’t wait to get started, but in the meantime we’ll update you on all of our progress.

Relax! Good Habits Don’t Have to Be Hard

By Carrie Speck, Herbalist and Sultana of Spice

Quite often in my experience as an herbalist, I notice that when people are attempting change the element of a good diet is missing. This might be from lack of time, energy, or knowledge, etc. There’s no judgement, but giving your body the right fuel is vital. If you seek wellness from supplements or herbs, they may help, but progress is hindered if you eat junk food every day. That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy the occasional fast food, or that I’m perfect and cook everything. It’s about finding balance day to day, and week to week.


Our culture leads us to believe that “good habits” will lead to rapid weight loss, and improve health and appearance. Many of these diets fail, mainly because they are conceived with no regards for the sustainability of the plan. In order for a “diet” to be a sustainable long term solution, it would need to address the individual needs for nutrition, practicality, availability, and above all, pleasure. Many “diet” plans also don’t address stress, which is a major coFullSizeRender (13)ntributor in lowering metabolism and aggravating weight gain, and in fact actually compound existing stress levels with restriction mentality, overtraining, and poor nutrition.


Don’t be discouraged! True health and effortless weight management doesn’t come from counting calories, or cutting certain foods, or even working out like a maniac in the gym. It’s about creating a lifestyle for yourself that is sustainable in the long run for you. That lifestyle might include eating one less meal at a restaurantor cooking your meals for the week all at once.


After working at a gourmet food and spice shop, I learned a great deal about all the spices that are available, and I felt inspired to approach food from a different angle. Instead of following food trends and memorizing all the different styles of cooking, I wanted to approach food and spices from the perspective of educating and inspiring people to cook at home with new enthusiasm and creaM&Ktivity, and allowing them to try new things. From a different type of chili, to a new spice rub, or an herbally enhanced healing soup, or a stress reducing and delicious daily tea blend. It doesn’t have to be fancy, it just needs to taste good to you, not a tiresome, daily chore. However, I see so many people discouraged by cooking at home. That’s why we’re working together with M&K Food Shop. We needed help finding our balance too! For those who just don’t have time to cook every meal, or want to try something new, you can pick up wholesome, delicious, nourishing food, without all the preservatives and fillers often served in chain restaurants.


Cooking can be a fun outlet for creativity and health enhancement, with the right tools and knowledge, so come see us for ideas and new spices, but for those days or nights that you just can’t bear to fire up that oven, take the night off, come see Karen at M&K and let her please your palate while she feeds your soul.QueenpinLogo YinYang

Continuing the Self-Love Revolution – Perception

I ran across a great blog post last week about before and after photos. ‘Tis the season for starting fresh, and making plans about being more: more healthy, more conscious, more, more, more. Social media is full of posts about people eating better, and exercising more. When I speak with my patients though, it seems that most of us don’t have room for more.

We are all overflowing with things we “should” be doing. Things that will make our lives better in some shape or form. Yet, this is a season when we should be resting, restoring, hibernating so we can burst out in the spring. This is not the season for more. This is the season for less doing. It is the season for restoration.

Back to the blog post. The post was written about a fitness blogger and Instagramer Jessica Pack @plankingforpizza who posted Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 3.42.29 PMbefore and after pictures of herself on Instagram. They look very different, yet were taken 30 seconds apart.  

Pack did this to remind us that what we are seeing on social media is not always the whole story. It is a clip, a shot, a brief moment of perfection, but then life happens, things change, we relax our stomach muscles and our six pack sinks into a two pack. That’s life, ever changing, and 3 dimensional.


Author Geneen Roth wrote that the only thing that changes when you weigh yourself is how you feel about yourself. Lost a pound? Woo hoo! You are amazing! Gained a pound? You’ve fallen lower than pond scum, though a few minutes earlier you could have been rejoicing in your body’s ability to complete a challenging workout.

I’m a goal setter by nature and I love imagining what is next. This journey we are all on needs a map sometimes, and goals can help lead us on our way, but not at the expense of the now, and not if they are set based on someone else’s social media persona. My goals are very different from others’ goals because I know what I need for me, and only me.


Rebel this season by loving yourself enough to change your perception and allowing yourself to be perfect as you are RIGHT NOW. It’s okay to make changes, but do it with your eyes wide open to the fact that in this moment you are as lovely as you have ever been or ever will be. Look beyond the perfect moments on social media and remember that those awesome accomplishments people are making are great for them, but may not be what is right for you. Settle into this season of cold and comfort and S-L-O-W down. Take time to reflect on what guideposts you want to set on your journey.  The Whole 30 will be here in the spring, CrossFit gyms will still be accepting new members, the YMCA’s pool will still be heated. Take a minute, rejoice in all you have and all that you are, right now.

My New Year’s Resolution this year? To be a rebel, relax a little, and love my before, after, and right this moment pictures.


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