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View More: http://melissamesko.pass.us/queenpin2016
View More: http://melissamesko.pass.us/queenpin2016
View More: http://melissamesko.pass.us/queenpin2016

Let’s Start a Self-Love Rebellion


A few months ago I saw this quote posted on Facebook: In a society that profits from your self-doubt, liking yourself is a rebellious act. It hit me in the gut. Not only because I’m a rebel at heart, but because that simple statement is so dang true. I quickly Googled the source and found New York Artist Caroline Caldwell had Tweeted this genius statement of face slapping truth in February 2016

sl_rebellionThe statement hit me so hard that I immediately decided that Queenpin Family Wellness has to start a Self-Love Rebellion. We actually have already started it, all of our workshops and retreats are geared to this very topic, but it didn’t have a name. I couldn’t put my finger on what I was noticing in almost every patient that enters my clinic. This low hum of self-despair.

Daily I see patients suffering from self-doubt, self-deprecation, and just plain feelings-of-not-rightness, never-enoughness. And it is not just women. It is men too. The onslaught of information we are receiving every minute about how we need to be other than what we are is poisoning our minds against us. We are constantly striving to be different than what we are at the present moment because we are being told that it is not enough, when actually we are. Right as we are at this very moment, we are enough.

And honestly, if we aren’t “right” in this moment, the changes we have to do to be enough take about 10 seconds, not millions of dollars, and hours of time. TEN SECONDS. That’s it.

Wanna do something subversive? Wanna be a rebel and love yourself in ten seconds? Pick the one that’s right for you. Try it. If you don’t think you’re awesome right after. Do something else. We’re all made differently. One size does not fit all.dsc_0039



Take 5 deep breaths – deep in the belly – root yourself

Stand up straight and throw your shoulders back

Give yourself a pep talk in an accent (I prefer a French Accent)

Write I love you on yourself with washable marker

Be kind to someone

Do a push up or as many as you can (I’m a one and done-er)


List 5 things you do well

Think of someone who loves you exactly as you are

Do a yoga move

Kiss your shoulder

Pat yourself and tell yourself you are doing an awesome job at humanness

Curl those arms up and kiss your guns (biceps)


REPEAT AS NEEDED Continue the subversion by creating your own simple ways to treat yourself right. Start to compliment others loudly, often, and for things besides looks: “You know friend, I love the way you hum absent-mindedly while you work. You are always on key.” Or, “You are always on time. That is great trait.” By helping someone like themselves you are being a total rebel badass!

And join our Self-Love Rebellion by not buying into the fact that you aren’t exactly as you should be right now. Spread the word. Speak out. Love yourself without apology.

Want a little community for your Self-Love Rebellion? Join Queenpin Family Wellness and Girls Rock Roanoke on November 2nd for the FREE screening of Embrace a movie about learning to love yourself with all your curves and edges.





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