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For thousands of years Oriental Medicine has acknowledged a life-force called Qi/Chi (pronounced ‘chee’) that flows through all things. This energy moves throughout pathways in the body called meridians and communicates with the internal organs. Fine needles are inserted into specific points on the body to manipulate and regulate this energy flow, strengthening weaknesses or removing blockages which cause disharmony or pain. The needles are sterile, virtually painless and most people experience a feeling of relaxation and peace during and after a treatment. The effectiveness of acupuncture varies with every individual and the severity of the disease and usually more than one treatment is necessary for desired improvement.


Cupping is a type of therapy that involves the use of glass cups, which are suctioned onto the skin for a few minutes at a time. This therapy is used to pull toxins out of the body, eliminate obstructions of qi (energy), and relax the muscles. It is most often used for muscular pain and tightness, but can also be used to treat colds, digestive disorders, and more.

Gua Sha

Gua sha is a healing technique that involves the stimulation of the skin in strokes using a round-edged instrument. The purpose of gua sha is to remove blood stagnation, which is considered pathogenic and a cause of pain. This results in increased circulation and metabolic processes, and often, the patient experiences immediate improvement of pain, stiffness, or respiratory issues.

Heat Therapy

Heat therapy is often used by acupuncturists to promote circulation and induce the smoother flow of qi (energy) and blood in cases of muscle pain, soft tissue injuries, arthritis, headaches, and more.

The TDP lamp is a medical device that is a safe, relaxing, and effective way of applying heat therapy. This therapeutic device features a plate coated with a mineral formation consisting of 33 essential elements to the human body. When activated by its heating element, the mineral plate emits deep, penetrating waves that are readily absorbed into the tissues. This promotes faster healing by stimulating microcirculation, which delivers higher levels of oxygen and nutrients to injured cells while eliminating toxins and cellular waste.

Moxibustion: Moxibustion (Moxa 쑥뜸) is a hyper thermal treatment method applying a burning herb in various ways to the proper points or large surface on the body. As a main remedy, moxibustion can be used alone or in combination with acupuncture. The heat, as well as the properties of the moxa itself, serve to warm the qi and blood in the channels, expel cold and dampness, restore Yang, and in general help to regulate the organs and restore health.

Facial Rejuvenation

Cosmetic acupuncture is a natural skin rejuvenation technique that stimulates the body’s healing energies and increases circulation to reduce your wrinkles, fine lines and folds. It builds collagen, tones muscles, improves circulation, and stimulates blood flow with no risk of scars, infections, rashes, or toxic build-up of chemicals. Acupuncture changes the energy flow within the body and initiates the process for constitutional rejuvenation. If energy is not flowing freely throughout your body then your organs, muscles, and lymphatic system cannot function properly, which can contribute to puffiness, bags, and premature aging.
A complete course of treatment is 10 to 12 sessions, 1 to 3 sessions a week. The measure of improvement depends on the individual. Factors such as diet, exercise and lifestyle also contribute to the effectiveness of the treatments. Noticeable results are usually achieved after 6 to 8 sessions. A session takes 60 – 90 minutes.

A series of Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation Treatments Can:

  • Erase fine lines, deeper wrinkles diminished
  • Lift sagging eye lids, reduce bags/circles
  • Firm jowls and minimize double chin
  • Improve muscle tone and increase collagen production
  • Eliminate puffiness by improving metabolism and eliminating excess fluids
  • Improve hormonal balance, benefits acne
  • Increase circulation of blood and lymph to the face and improves facial color
  • Moisturize the skin and tighten pores
  • Significantly reduce the appearance of scars and age spots
  • Slow the aging process from within
  • Reduce stress evident in the face
  • Promote overall health and well being




In memory of Adam

NADA style treatments are offered at Queenpin Acupuncture Monday through Friday for $10.00. This auricular form of acupuncture places 5 needles in each ear and asks that the patient sit quietly for 30 – 45 minutes. Consistency is key for NADA to be effective in helping people stop an addictive behavior. It is suggested that patients come every day for treatment, no less than every three days.

Patients participating in this treatment will be treated in the waiting area of Queenpin Acupuncture. Appointments must be made by phone, not online. Cash or check only.


Veterans of the Valley Acupuncture Clinic

“Veterans are the light at the tip of the candle, illuminating the way for the whole nation. If veterans can achieve awareness, transformation, understanding, and peace, they can share with the rest of society the realities of war. And they can teach us how to make peace with ourselves, and each other, so we never have to use violence to resolve conflicts again” —Thich Nhat Hanh

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Our Veterans of the Valley Clinic has been temporarily suspended, please call with questions or to ask about Veteran discounts 540-537-8163

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