My Fantastic Four

I was unprepared for how hard it was going to be for me to take care of myself once I became a mother. And I don’t just mean stealing moments, like having a night out with no kids, or taking a bubble bath, I mean basic self-care like stopping to listen to my body when I had a pain somewhere, or making sure I was getting enough nutrients when I ate.

Once I had a child, everything I had easily done pre-baby seemed to have new additional steps, and then I had another child and those additional steps were even more complicated. In addition, I was tired. Really worn out, and trying to figure out new ways to fulfil my basic needs seemed too exhausting. I had two children whose needs took precedence over mine because they couldn’t do those things for themselves. However, I knew I needed to take care of myself, because these little people needed me in the long term and putting myself last wasn’t going to keep me healthy. That’s when I started slowly building my Fantastic Four, the super powered women who were going to keep me healthy and on track. I wanted to feel healthy in my body, and I want my kids to understand that bodies are machines that we must service regularly to stay healthy. Also, why should I be last on the list because I’m the mom? A healthy family is one where all members are nurtured.  

Everyone needs their own set of Fantastic Four, the health care team that keeps them healthy. For me, it is an acupuncturist, a massage therapist, a family MD, and a chiropractor, and honestly, at this stage in the game, I have added a personal trainer to my list, but in the early mamahood years, there was no way I could swing that.  Each one of my Fantastic Four has a very specific role they fill. I do not see them all every week or even every month, but they are always there when I need them, and because I have known each of them for years, they know my personality, they know my body, and they know the demands of my life outside their office.

Finding your Fantastic Four takes time, especially when you’re juggling little ones. I tried different services to see what would fit best for me, my body, and my budget.  And even when it was an act of rebellion and revolution, I took time for myself. The important thing was that while I was sampling the menu of healthcare options available, I was learning about my body, and building a solid team to be at the ready when I was sick, or in pain, or needed some health advice for my ever changing feminine form. Some of the services (like massage and acupuncture) I go to consistently, and I only use my chiropractor when I need her. My physician is a once-in-a-while check-in. This is what works for me, but your Fantastic Four should be comprised of the healthcare providers that work for you, and the schedule that works for you. In the end, it will save you so much time, energy, and stress. Preventative healthcare will keep you healthy, and make you the super parent you want to be.  It’s easy to start your search, ask your mama friends what they do. Ask your physician what he/she does. Then make the call, or even better find places that allow you to book online, so when you’re up in the middle of the night with that sweet babe, you can book your next appointment with your acupuncturist.


Some Award-Winning Acupuncture

I won an award! And honestly, at first I thought I was being pranked.

I am so honored to have been voted the acupuncturist with the Best Bedside Manner in the New River Valley.

I have the best job in the world, and I take it pretty danged seriously. One of the parts I love the most is getting to know each of you. I learn about your families, your food, your sleep, and even . . . your time in the bathroom! I ask so many questions. These questions give me the big, messy view of your health, and this wide lens is part of the power of East Asian Medicine: to hold the whole experience of your health and illness. East Asian Medicine, and you, have taught me that health is complicated and multi-faceted. And it’s with these questions and this lens that we can sort out a path back to wellness. I think this view and curiosity is what inspires the connection I feel with all of you and the trust you place in me with the most personal of details.

I really do celebrate our successes—a night of great sleep, a week free of migraines, or getting back to that activity that you love—and I grieve when things don’t go to plan. Most of all, I believe (in) you. I believe your symptoms and the patterns you’ve discovered, and I believe in you and your body’s ability to heal again.

Those of you who come regularly know that we will have a few chickadee’s, tater-tot’s, and even some marshmallow fluff’s, some good laughs, lots of honest conversations. And I’ll hold you accountable when you need a little tough love.

So I need to thank all y’all. You can’t be an acupuncturist without someone to puncture (and to set boundaries about cheese consumption), and it’s just absolutely astounding to me that you went out of your way to vote for me. I’m taking this as a mandate to keep working hard for you, expanding my knowledge, and always holding your benefit as my motivation for showing up in the morning.

With lots of love!








March 4th : New Service!

Queenpin is offering a new service starting March 4th: Herbal Foot Soaks. Its a new (old) way to take your herbs that is less yucky and more soothing.  Foot soaks have been used traditionally for a long time as a way to boost your health and as an easy, pleasant way to utilize the healing properties of plants.  We have been super impressed with a line of Tibetan Foot Soaks that we have been carrying for home-use, and now we will be offering it as a service; we will handle all the preparation and clean up.

The soaks are indicated for relieving pain, improving circulation, reducing stress and anxiety, healing old injuries, reducing scarring, and nerve dysfunction. Like all holistic care, their results are cumulative, and it works best using them multiple times a week for more acute or serious issues.


The herbs can be grouped into a few big categories:

Improving circulation: Sanguisorbae root & Mugwort

Reducing Pain: Tibetan Acori Calami & Noptergium incisium root

Boosting mood: Tibetan Saffron

Improving fluid metabolism: Ginger & Saphora root

And the soaks include minerals, like epsom salts, that relieve pain and improve muscle health.




The soaks will be available by appointment starting March 1st, Monday 3pm – 6pm and Friday 10am – 2pm. They will take about 40 min of your time, and are available in the Community Clinic.

If you are already enjoying a Private Acupuncture Package, you may use your package for foot soak sessions. Each session will count as half of a treatment, a $35 value. If you’d like to pay as you go, sessions will be $45.




If you’re curious to know more, this podcast has so much information about the mechanisms and research behind the soaks:

Our Lexington Roommate! Soothing Herbals Apothecary and Chin Velasquez

Queenpin Lexington has a roommate and we need to tell you how cool she is. Meet Chin Velasquez, owner/herbalist/magician at Soothing Herbals Apothecary in Lexington, VA.

Chin began her training as an herbalist in Boulder, Colorado at the Rocky Mountain Center for Botanical Studies but it didn’t spark into Soothing Herbals until her own babies needed healthy,
safe, effective balms for all the rashes and scrapes of childhood. The balm became so popular among her friends and family, that it was the catalyst for her herbal skincare line. Previously you could only find her at the Lexington farmers market, but in 2012 she settled into the cozy second-floor space and expanded her offerings.


Soothing Herbals has a full line of natural, herbal skincare. One of the best selling and most useful items for the medicine cabinet
is the Heal All Salve. This blend can be used for all types of burns (sun, wind, kitchen), wounds, and scar healing. Also good for some rashes or extra dry, cracked skin. For those looking to keep their outside as youthful as their inside, she has Divine Face Cream and Restore Facial Serum. These enhance the body’s natural anti-aging abilities, increase elasticity and lift, and provide needed antioxidants to your largest organ. Trying one of Chins gentle Aromatherapy Facials is a great way to get to know her products and find out what is right for your skin.

Chin offers a few unique services including Herbal Consults (online or in person) for blends of Western herbs made either into a tea or an alcohol-extraction known as a tincture. She treats all types of complaints, specializing in insomnia, anxiety, and fatigue.  You can also make your own tea-blend from her shelves of dried herbs if you’re feeling creative!  


For those looking for a gentle and effective modality of healing, Chin is a Reiki practitioner. Reiki is an energy-medicine that uses your body’s own life-force to promote healing. More information on Reiki here:


For someone feeling the DIY spirit, there is also a Build Your Own aromatherapy bar! Make your own bath salt, scrub, lotion or oil without buying all the supplies. She provides an array of essential oils to pick from and you combine it with high-quality oils, creams, salts, etc. And Chin will be there to help if you need some guidance on which oils to use. Great as a gift for yourself or someone else.



Soothing Herbals hosts parties or events – so keep them in mind for that next birthday, anniversary, or friends-night out!



All services and products can be bought/scheduled online at Soothing Herbals Apothecary.  The Apothecary is available by appointment only. Keep your eyes peeled for some of her products popping up at Queenpin this Spring!

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